HAMIAM - Help A Minority IA Minority e.V.

Here meet minorities from Africa, who are in a further minority, and members, interested peolpe and the Board of Directors of Hamiam.

Opening times
Appointments & Events
  • Hamiam offers help for self-aid
  • Here you get to know each other
  • Here you exchange experiences
  • Here you are consulted
  • Here you get counsel and tips
  • Here we want to be there for each other
  • Here we want to plan and coordinate projects
  • Here we want to solve problems and support strongly

From support in communication thru accompanying asylum seeking up to psycho therapies, we stand for a „LIFE IN DIGNITY“. Hamiamvolunteers are competent and trained social workers, pastors and psychologists and experienced in the work with migrants. Focus is AFRICA.

Up-to-date information:


July, 24th, 2015 – 16:00 hrs
In the ‚Naturfreundehaus’ Köln-Kalk, Kapellenstrasse 9a, 51103 Köln

Pape KlavierHAMIAM, help a minority in a minority e.V. organises fort he 10 years old PAPE in the context of our singe-destiny-aid „LIFE IN DIGNITY“ at Friday, 24th of July 2015 starting at 16:00 hrs. a beneficiary afternoon and evening. Read more under Companions in Fate